Double Glazing: One of the Best Ways to Cut Down on Noise

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Much of the talk around double glazing involves heat loss and gain, and electric bills. But double glazing is also an excellent way to cut down on the outside noise that gets into your home, such as from traffic and aeroplanes. Replacing your windows and glass back door with double glazing can make your home more peaceful in addition to making it more comfortable.

The Gap Between Panes Stops Soundwaves, Too

Sound travels on air molecules. What you think of as sound is really a bunch of air molecules in a particular pattern hitting your eardrum. Sound travels through solid objects by colliding with the molecules in those objects and passing the pattern on to them; the pattern continues with the air molecules on the other side of the object. That's why you hear traffic noise through your wall. The gap between the two panes of glass in double glazing usually contains a gas that is resistant to transferring soundwave patterns, just as it's resistant to transferring heat. That minimizes the pattern of air molecules and prevents much of it from continuing on past the interior pane of glass.

Excellent Noise Reduction Combined With Plant Screens

Double glazing itself is great for noise insulation. But combine it with plant screens, such as a tall hedge or a row of trees (these help to mess up the air molecule pattern as it passes through the jumble of leaves and twigs, reducing some of the sounds), and you can make the interior of your home even quieter in terms of what outside noise you hear. If you open a window or door, you'll lose the noise insulation benefit, of course. But with everything closed up, you can have a much quieter home.

Specify Your Particular Noise Situation

What's great about using double glazing for noise control is that you can get different levels of noise reduction. Some double glazing is made specifically for very noisy situations, such as when you live near a flight path. The glass company representative you work with can help you pick out the windows and doors you need for your particular noise situation.

Get thermal and noise benefits in one go when you install double glazing. Windows and doors with two panes of glass are easy to find and are considered standard now. If you're upgrading from older single glazing, you'll wonder why you didn't make the switch sooner. 

For more information about double-glazed doors, contact a local company. 

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