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Willa M. Frayser, Equine Artist since 1979
Member of Virginia Equine Artists Association
Former Member of Equine Artists Guild
Former Member of Horse Artists’ Association

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I began my journey in Portland, Oregon and was raised on the beautiful Oregon coast.  With only the love of horses and an eye for detail, I have developed a style and technique which is my own and is recognized throughout the world.

Moving to Virginia in 1977, I began exhibiting at various horse and art shows around the East Coast.   I was accepted into the Horse Artists Association and participated in many exhibits with this group from Arizona to Kentucky.  In 1992, I was invited to participate in the first ever "Wild Horse Art Exhibit" at the Kentucky Horse Museum at Churchill Downs in Louisville. In 2006 I become a member of the Virginia Equine Artists Association and have participated in many events as a member of this group.  In 2010, after attending a sculpting workshop, I created my first sculpture in clay which has since been cast in resin.  Examples of these lovely. hand painted sculptures are shown under the “Originals” tab on this website. 

My portraits are as well known as my prints and I have completed commissioned work for lovers and breeders of horses in most of the 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.  Other works are in collections in Australia, Austria, Tasmania, England, Brazil, Bermuda, Canada and Puerto Rico. Art has been featured in publications such as EQUINE IMAGES, ARABIAN HORSE WORLD, CHRONICLE OF THE HORSE, AUSTRALIAN ARABIAN HORSE NEWS, and many others.

Due to the time involved in achieving the detail that makes my work in great demand, I accept a limited number of commissions each year and have a portfolio that includes not only horses, but also dogs, cats, cattle, donkeys and birds.  My portraits capture the true spirit and detail of each individual as many of my clients will be happy to tell you!

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UPDATE!!  In 2010, I had the great fortune to be asked to collaborate with Australian Author, Carmel Rowley, on her first ever children’s book “Danika & Yatimah~from Egypt to the Outback”.  Already a successful author of two novels, this is a lovely story for young and old alike.  I created the cover art, as well as the b&w illustrations for this exciting adventure of a young girl, her lovely Arabian mare and their adventures in the Outback!   It was such a delight to get to know each character in the story and be able to create the images that would make them familiar to the readers.  I will be working with Carmel again this year on the second book in her series titled, “As the crow flies”.

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